Introducing JLI


"We have a saying in Hebrew, "what goes forth from the heart, enters the heart". One thing I know--now that the borders are dissolving, there is a clear path ahead that was meant to be. We walk together on the same page of history and destiny, taking small steps together towards a horizon that is slowly revealing itself. Looking forward to continued and growing understanding, goals, commitments , friendship and love."

Tova Lebovits (Jerusalem)

“Wow and thank you. What an honor to meet such holy people. Haha, they had to look at me the whole time but I got to see this special garden of precious souls alive with thought and feeling. You are really on to something very important and I wish great success.”

-Rabbi Gedaliah Gurfein (Jerusalem)

"In my imagination, I go back to Israel often. I imagine not being rushed from the Temple Mount but standing there, with my eyes closed, seeing all of the accounts in Scripture come to life in my mind, knowing that I am standing where it all happened. I imagine that one day, the New Jerusalem will descend from heaven…and it will be a house of prayer for all nations, for all people…whosever will believe."

Pastor Robert Shepitka

"Aspects of Rabbi Kellman's teaching confirmed things that God has revealed to me in the past within my own research and meditation on His Word. To see it confirmed from the Jewish perspective was rather mind blowing."


I loved feeling the unity in the room and the eagerness for us to hear what Rabbi Kellman had to say. The teaching for me was insightful - things I had not heard before. Feel it's a privilege to be part of what God is doing!"


"I was deeply moved by the Fear to Friendship event. Pastor Shepitka and Rabbi Kellman share a special God-ordained relationship and it was a blessing to partake of it. The evening was a warm, safe time to ask questions and learn of the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith. No matter who you are - Christian, Jew, or skeptic - you will be challenged and moved by Fear to Friendship.”

Darren Barkman

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